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The SmartBar Drink Token Twist

The nicer the bar token, the faster they walk out the door and never return!

...and the more frequently a bar’s token changes, the more locals will collect them.

Buy for 60¢ - sell for $2-$4 all day!

Drink Token Twist

The Traditional Bar Token Model

Step 1: Do bar token promotion (e.g. 2 for 1, token night, commemorative, etc. - See over a dozen others)

Step 2: Customer gets token. 3 possible outcomes (all good):

  • Redeems same day (Successful up sell)
  • Token leaves. Customer comes back with friends (Repeat business + referrals)
  • Token leaves. Customer keeps as souvenir (65+% margin profit + free marketing)

Step 3: Business & profitability grow by leaps and bounds.

Why SmartBar Drink Tokens are Different

In the early days, bar tokens were minted like coins out of brass or aluminum. While these were pretty basic, they were very durable and could be very nice. The result was that they become quite collectible. In fact, there are entire books dedicated to the identification of bar tokens and pub tokens from particular countries or states. Tokens made out of cheaper materials like wood (wooden nickels) and plastic seemed to take over at some point, and from what we can tell, the perceived collectability seems to have slowly faded away at about the same time.

At some point, it seems that bar tokens mistakenly started to be thought of solely in terms of their utility within the bar as opposed to their innate viral marketing ability outside of the bar. The thinking seemed to follow that the cheaper they could be made the better. In hindsight, it’s clear to see that their beauty and perceived collectability suffered dearly. Naturally, their effect on profitability followed.

At SmartBar, we’ve re-discovered that the nicer the bar token, the faster they walk out the door and never return! It may seem counter intuitive, but the fact is that spending more money (not less) on nicer bar tokens leads to increased business and profitability. Nurture the souvenir and collectible nature of bar tokens for your establishment and you’ll quickly discover for yourself what English pub owners have known for centuries.

We specialize in making collectible quality, full-color, double-sided bar tokens out of luxurious composite materials. Let our world class artists help customize a beautiful token for your bar today!


First Time Buyer Special – 120% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not elated with your purchase for any reason, we’ll refund your money plus 20% on any returned tokens

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