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Bar Chips ROI

SmartBar drink tokens are a profit center, not a cost center. We guarantee it!

Profit Potential of SmartBar Drink Tokens

Bar Chips ROI Expectations

Sell For
500 tokens
1,000 tokens
2,500 tokens
5,000 tokens
10,000 tokens
*Assuming 2 for 1 on $4 drink. Your profits increase with drink prices.

The Components of SmartBar Drink Token Profitability

  1. Sell more to existing customers
    • SmartBar tokens create up sell opportunities (e.g. 2 for 1 specials, token bundles, inclusive cover charges, etc.)
    • Create commemorative SmartBar tokens for special events and change your standard tokens regularly to drive the collectible market by locals.
  2. Find new customers
    • A SmartBar token walks out the door. If it finds its way back, it usually arrives with additional cash to spend, and likely a couple friends (new customers) in tow.
    • Being portable, beautiful, and transferable, SmartBar drink tokens become walking, talking conversation starters and advertisements for your establishment.
  3. Introduce a whole new class of products to sell
    • Think of SmartBar tokens as souvenirs just like matchbooks or coasters, but more desirable and sold at a profit. The nicer the bar token, the faster they walk out the door and never return!

Guaranteed Profitability

Exactly how much profit can be added varies from bar to bar, of course, but we’re confident that they will work for pretty much any establishment. In fact, we proudly offer a 120% satisfaction guarantee to first time buyers – we’ll refund your money plus 20% on any returned tokens (see details).

Factors that Increase SmartBar Bar Token Profitability

From bar owners and managers we’ve spoke with, it seems that these factors have the greatest effect on profit potential:

  • The nicer the bar token design, the faster they walk out the door. Put considerable thought into the design. It is of utmost importance.
  • The more “Tourists”, the better. If your bar is in a tourist area where souvenirs are more highly desired, bar tokens can be very effectively pushed as souvenirs/keepsakes.
  • The more “Local” foothold, the better. If your bar is an established neighborhood bar, or already has a good foothold on the local crowd, periodic releases of new bar token designs can drive collectability immediately.
  • The more “Event” opportunities, the better. If your venue holds a lot of concerts, seasonal parties, fundraisers, or other periodic events, there is a plug-n-play business model of creating special edition bar tokens as commemoratives.
  • Thinking beyond just selling tokens has limitless potential. When you first start offering SmartBar drink tokens, an ‘Aha!’ moment happens as you quickly realize that for every 100 tokens you hand out, only X% seem to return. In addition to your existing business, you now sell 65+% margin token souvenirs. Brilliant! Even better, you can do a whole lot more with these than just sell them. At their core, they’re just a promotional tool, albeit a very powerful one because it’s portable, beautiful, durable, transferable, and a conversation starter. Apply a little common sense business thinking, and you’ll discover a number of ideas on how to build up off nights and create new thriving traditions.

First Time Buyer Special – 120% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not elated with your purchase for any reason, we’ll refund your money plus 20% on any returned tokens

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